We are very pleased to have your kids with us at Lalith Castle International School.

We aim to give every child the best possible opportunities for learning throughout their time at Lalith Castle International School

Staff are highly motivated and deeply committed to ensure that all children experience success in all areas of learning and that includes their selfesteem and confidence. A child who believes in him/herself will go far.

We regard your child's education as a partnership between home and school, and much depends on the strength of that partnership. We hope you will take every opportunity to work with the school to support and encourage your child's learning. Children need to know from us that education is important and highly valued.

This prospectus has been designed to give you important information about the school and how we work. We hope it answers all your questions and you will continue to find it helpful in the years to come.

We hope your child settles quickly and is happy during his/her time at LCIS. We look forward for a long and successful association with you.


Yours' Sincerely

Dr B A Kalashankar



Welcome to Lalith Castle International School, this school started in the year 2013 with a commitment to excellence in Education.

LCIS was started as a dream - a dream envisioned by our Founder Members with a large vision. Education at LCIS goes beyond the letters in the page of a textbook, and students emerge as confident young individuals, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. We inspire our students to question and learn by doing, we give them the skills, courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their own dreams. In doing so, our students develop into confident,creative and caring adults who pursue interesting and challenging careers.

LCIS Prides itself on the quality of its educational programmes, the professionalism of its staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents.

LCIS provides excellent facilities and a wide range of high quality extra curricular activities through which children develop a healthy sense of co-operation and competition as well as enjoying their social, sporting and cultural interests.

Creates a warm, supportive & simulative school environment in which children feel happy,safe & secure are eager to learn. I am honoured to be the part of LCIS Family.

OUR MOTTO Learn..... Consolidate.... Integrate.... Succeed.

Yours' Sincerely

Mr Harish B A



Greeting and Welcome to LCIS.

We, here at LCIS are working hard everyday to give our students a top of the line education. It is with great pleasure and humility that I look forward to serving each one of you this year. We are excited to be one of the Top performers in Academic growth with all the best infrastructure, sports and excellent teaching staff.

We are sure to have a spectacular school year when each one of us unites around LCIS' six Measures of Excellence that will bind us together with common goals and a shared vision! We are committed to the six Measures of Excellence: Parent choice and satisfaction, sports encouragement, character Development, Academic Achievement, Economic sustainability and shared values. The six measures of excellence guide our work and efforts as we strive for high levels of success of our students at LCIS! We take a proactive approach to education with our Response to Intervention framework that identifies any student that is not on track with common core standards. After identifying, we then provide remedial teaching in a small group setting to ensure each child is growing and thriving.

Our Sports Club programme is a foundation of our school. Students are encouraged to be good sportsmen along with academics, as sports refreshes the mind and the body which would help enhance their memory retention with the right spirit. School also appointed professionals to train our students in Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi games.

We also encourage music, dance, Yoga and karate within the school curriculum at every grade level.

LCIS has superior technology. Students receive technology education in our computer lab. Each classroom is fully equipped with dust free boards and panel boards and decent furnitures. All our Science labs, Math labs, Library are quite spacious, well ventilated with working platforms for students. I am glad to present before you all the activities/events held during the first session of the academic year 2019-20.

I also look forward to meeting you and thanking you for considering LCIS when selecting a school for your most precious gift........your child! We know how important your children are and we do all that we can to educate them in a creative nurturing environment where sky is the limit! We are building tomorrow's future.

Our School Management, teachers and faculty work to ensure your child is prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Yours' Sincerely

Ms Sudha R Naik