As a parent, you want your child to do well at school and there are many ways you can help your child achieve success:


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We are very pleased to have your kids with us at Lalith Castle International School.

We aim to give every child the best possible opportunities for learning throughout their time at Lalith Castle International School

Staff are highly motivated and deeply committed to ensure that all children experience success in all areas of learning and that includes their selfesteem and confidence. A child who believes in him/herself will go far.

We regard your child's education as a partnership between home and school, and much depends on the strength of that partnership. We hope you will take every opportunity to work with the school to support and encourage your child's learning. Children need to know from us that education is important and highly valued.

This prospectus has been designed to give you important information about the school and how we work. We hope it answers all your questions and you will continue to find it helpful in the years to come.

We hope your child settles quickly and is happy during his/her time at LCIS. We look forward for a long and successful association with you.


Thanking You.