Objectives Of The School:

♦  Create a warm, supportive and stimulating school environment in which children feel happy, safe and secure, and are eager to learn.

♦  Develop positive relationship founded on mutual trust, respect and by good example.

♦  Ensure all pupil's are encouraged and supported in reaching their potential as learners.

♦  Provide all children with a broad, balanced curriculum relevant to their needs and abilities.

♦  Develop children as caring, sensitive and tolerant individuals who have a clear understanding of right and wrong.

♦  Introduce children to a wide range of experiences and challenges, which motivates and enrich their learning, now and in the future.

♦  Have high expectations of all children in terms of learning and behaviour.

♦  Value all children equally, upholding their rights regardless of gender, ability, disability, colour or race.

♦  Promote a strong partnership with parents based on shared Information and responsibility for children's learning.

♦  Serve the community well, encouraging and welcoming support and interest and inspiring confidence in the work of the school.