Attendance & Punctuality:

♦  Every day at school is an experience and value. Hence, it is important that every student attends every day to school.

♦  Parents may plan vacation/travelling during school vacation period only.

♦  Students must report to school with a FITNESS CERTIFICATE issued by the said Medical Practitioner stating that he/she has     recovered and is fit and safe for interacting with the other students. If a student is absent due to prolonged indisposition, beyond     three days, parents must notify the principal.


  ♦  Be a role model for your kid.

  ♦  Be attentive to your child's liking and disliking.

  ♦  Help your child to learn and to explore.

  ♦  Pay attention to what your child learns everyday.

  ♦  Help your kid to judge between right and wrong.............etc.