Designed for all round development of the child, taking into account their Cognitive, Physical, Socio emotional and sensorial abilities in Association with EYFS Curriculum. EYFS Curriculum is the first tier from birth to five years leading into a progressive entry into key stage of one, two & three, under the department of Educational guidelines & assessment of U.K.

Every child deserves the best possible start in life & the support that enables them to fulfill their chances. Good parenting & high quality early learning, together provide the foundation. Children need to make the most of their abilities & talents as they grow up. EYFS set the standard that all early years' providers must meet to ensure that children learn & develop well & are kept healthy & safe.

EYFS Provides:

♦ Quality & Consistency
♦ A secure foundation through learning & development
♦ Partnership working
♦ Equality of opportunity


LCIS follows the curriculum in accordance with CBSE.In order to empower the students to cater to their aptitude and enable them to sight and seek their own potential, equal importance is attached to academic and non-academic activities and will nurture learning through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach activities. We focus to develop the cognitive and affective domains, Skill-based Learning and Project Oriented Learning directed towards problem solving and research. Mathematics, Science, Computer Education and Social form mainstream subjects. While English is the medium of instruction, languages such as Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit and Life Skill Education, Environmental Education, Work Experience and Health & Physical Education.