Safe Secure campus

Smart Digi-Classrooms

A Well- Stocked library and a Media Room

Music,Dance and Karate

Regular Health & Fitness Programmes

Workshop and Competition for Students

Indoor and Outdoor Games

School Security

Hospital Facility

Library Facility

Laboratory Facility

Transportation Facility

Well Qualified Teachers

Appropriate Adult-Child Ratio

Creative & Fun Filled Activity Tools


Library Facility

In addition to classroom, we are providing library facility with educative books, EYFS curriculum books for Pre-school and Primary school, activity books, general knowledge books etc. to gain extra knowledge for the kid. It also provides basic access with variety of resources. The main aim of our school library is to ensure that all the kids will have access to reading and to gather knowledge. The school library acts mainly as a place to do independent work, use computer, consulting various books related to academics etc.

Communication Portal

We regularly keep updating our parents about day to day assignments in diary, weekly and monthly portions, time table and syllabus through circulars and yearly planner. We also update the activities and holidays through SMS, Whatsapp, Telephonic and Mail. We are 24*7 in social media like Face book and Youtube.

Transportation Facility

We have safe transport facilities with trained drivers and care takers. Transportation facility is available on existing routes. We provide transportation all around Rajarajeshwari Nagar at an affordable cost. We have both pickup and drop facility any where within Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Lab Facility

Students are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses in the exclusive Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Math Lab and Computer Lab. This gives students a chance to experiment together and so learn cooperatively, a skill that is irreplaceable in today’s world.