Safe Guarding:


The safety and well-being of the children in our care is always our highest priority. The school has a clear policy for Child Protection which is available to parents on request. All staff receive regular training to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse.

Any concern regarding child protection should be discussed with the Principal, the nominated teacher for Child Protection.


Once the children are in school, gates are locked to prevent access by anyone from outside. This is to ensure the child's safety whilst in the school building.

If you need to enter school at any time during the school hours, please report to the main office first where the school administrator will let you in.


If a child being ill or injured at school, parents will be contacted as soon as possible so that the child can be picked up from school. For this system to work effectively it is essential that the parents to updated the school record like contact names, address and telephone numbers once changed.



The school provides first aid as and when required and has registered medical practitioner on call to take care of any emergency. However, students with wheezing should carry the prescribed medicine/medication with them. Parents should send a note in this regard to the class teacher in the school calendar.

Class teachers is not responsible for administering medication to children. If it is essential that your child needs to receive prescribed medication during the school day, please bring it in the original container with the chemist's label to the main office. It must be clearly marked with the child's name and dosage. Please note that no medication can be administered to the nose or eyes by staff.