Parent of Dakshitha

I am really happy about my kid's improvement.


Parent of Rohan Kulkarni

Thankful for the co-operation from all the staff.


Parent of Shishir

We are happy about our kid progress.


Parent of Payal Singh

The activity was really good,It was a good show and something different for kids.Interaction with people is new thing for kids at this age.


Parent of Charvi N Gowda

Overall its a very good activity for children and it was organized well.In all the projects there was a good theme,Congratulations.


Parent of Anish G Naidu

Excellent!! I can see lot of efforts from all the end. Great work by faculties



Parent of Samarth

I had enjoyed the creative activity,it is really excellent and something different for students.


Parent of mudit kalia

Great way to engage with parents.Enjoyed watching the creative work done by all the students with the help of their parents,Best wishes.


Parent of Dhruva

It was a great activity conducted by school,it was very informative to kids.